Here are some recommended products for cats and kittens!


We recommend a hard sided carrier that is easy to take apart and has both a front and top door for easy and stress free access to your feline family member. These are also the safest option for traveling back and forth to the vet.

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Churu treats are great treats to reward your cats with while getting them used to at home nail trims and brushing. They are also just a wonderful treats for any occasion and help with hydration.

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auto feeder

Automatic, scheduled food despensors are great for cats that tend to over-eat for need portion control. Many cat owners have found this helpful for when making an effort to help their cat(s) lose extra weight that can or have led to other health issues. They are also nice for when you are away for the day and need to make sure your cat gets fed on a schedule.

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litter box

Did you know that the rule of thumb for how many litter boxes you should have in your home is one litter box per cat plus one more! So if you have one cat you need 2 litter boxes, if you have 3 cats you need 4 litter boxes. This will help with unwanted behaviors like urinating outside the litter box when health issues have been ruled out.

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cat post

Having a place for your cat to scratch is important, especially if you want to save your favorite couch or chairs. Allowing cats to scratch helps relieve anxiety and stress in a healthy way.

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  • "Dr. Gindi was very kind and professional. She was so gentle with my cat. I really appreciated how she treated us."
  • "Dr.Gindi and her staff are amazing! I have been taking my yorkie to her for over 8 years and the care has always been excellent. Honest and caring."
  • "I love this pet hospital they are friendly, timely and cost effective. I have taken my dogs here for a year now and just love them. Recently, I just had my 2 miniature longhaired dachshunds puppies spay and neutered and my experience was very pleasant and again cost effective. I would recommend Surf City Pet Hospital for all your pet needs."
  • "The BEST experience my precious dog has ever had! This office staff and doctor are so kind, compassionate, caring, and thorough. I have finally found a furever VET Office for my Kirby. Thank you!"
  • "Dr Sally was amazing with our Jack Russell and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring knowledgeable vet."
  • "They always take good care of my Fur babies, I feel comfortable that they will get the treatments that are needed."
  • "We are new to Surf City Pet Hospital. Our 18 week old puppy loves Dr. Gindi and her entire staff. We do too! Daisy (our puppy) loves going into the office there as they all fuss over her. We recommend this pet hospital to anyone who is looking for great customer service and a friendly staff!"
  • "Wonderful and caring staff, made my little dog and us feel better!!"